Why 12/12/2020?

17/09/2020 by admin0

We are very blessed to have two incredible families that we can share life’s beautiful moments with. James and I are very family orientated and we want to include our families in our wedding celebrations as much as possible. When deciding on a wedding date, James and I were quite sold on getting married in December. After some investigation we realised that my grandparents (my Mom’s parents – Werner & Ingeborg Billekens) got married on the 12th of December 1959. With my parents being married on my other grandparents’ (my Dad’s parents – Roy & Mary Patrick) wedding date of the 31st of January, we felt that there was no better date to get married on, than the same day as my grandparents’s Billikens wedding date.

We have incredible role models to look up to and we can only hope that we are able to love each other and build an incredible future for our children and grandchildren as they all once did.

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